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Want to put that smile on a friend or loved one's face? However, not sure what to get? Give them the gift of choice with a DRIPPY gift card.

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Smile and sparks guaranteed.

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What's the quality like?

We don’t want to brag you know… But, you will know when you will wear it for the first time. The Shine. The Details. We took care of it.

At DRIPPY we use the highest grade stones. Handset to perfection, using real gold with the best plating there is.

Want to know more? Let the #DRIPPYFAM speak for it in the Reviews tab.

Wie soll ich meinen Tropf aufbewahren?

Ihr Tropf sollte trocken gehalten werden. Wenn Ihr Schmuck nicht häufig verwendet wird, bewahren Sie ihn im mitgelieferten Staubbeutel auf. Vermeiden Sie es, den Schmuck mit Gummiprodukten zu lagern.

Can I wear it in the bedroom?

Yes you can! It even increases performance (I heard.. ).

Jokes aside. Take care of your jewelry. Keep them dry, avoid chemicals and clean them gently. They are called precious metals for a reason.

How about shipping?

We got you covered on the shipping part. All orders come with free & secured shipping. For more info, checkout the shipping tab.


Shipping Times

Netherlands: Next-Day (before 22:00)

Germany, Belgium: 1-2 Days

Rest of EU: 2-5 Days

Worldwide: 4-12 Days

Worldwide Express: 2-7 Days

Back-order: 5-15 Days

For more information about shipping & delivery please check out the support page in the menu under section: More


Size Guide

Bracelet Size Guide
  1. Measure your wrist using a tape measure around the widest part of the wrist.

  2. Add .5-1″ (1.25-1.5cm) to your measurement, depending on how lose you like your bracelet

(if you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up)

  • 7″ (17.78cm)

  • 8″ (20.32cm)

  • 9″ (22.86cm)


Chain Size Guide
  • 6″ (40cm) – Loose but close to neck

  • 18″ (45cm) – Hangs at collarbone

  • 20″ (50cm) – Hangs past collarbone

  • 22″ (55cm) – Falls at the top of chest

  • 24″ (61cm) – Sits at center of chest

Use this image as a sizing example for your convenience.


Ring Size Guide

We use standard US sizing for our rings. Please use this table




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